General Terms and Conditions

Regarding Use of Equisport.photo
Equisport.photo undertakes, on account of the Seller, to mediate the sale of pictures to the Buyer as a commissioner. The legal relationship concerning the sale and transfer of ownership on occasion of a sale is therefore between the Seller and the Buyer. Equisport.photo is not liable for any printing mistakes and/or material errors on its website and online database. Any dispute relating to a sale shall be between the Buyer and the Seller. The ”Provider” Equisport.photo via Equinnotech AB provide a platform for selling photos and only act as a commissioner for the pictures that are available on the website. The “Seller” in these Standard Terms shall mean the Photographer uploading pictures to the platform for sale. The “Buyer” in these Standard Terms shall mean the person or corporation who buy pictures from the seller via the provided platform.
The prices of the pictures are always stated and include VAT. Payment of orders is made directly through Stripe with Credit Card. The total price is shown in the customer checkout.
Ordering is via www.equisport.photo. To order you must be 18 years old. Otherwise, the consent of the guardian / guardian is required. You need to set up an account, with a confirmed e-mail address.
Delivery time
Digital images are delivered within minutes of your decision and after payment. An e-mail message is sent out with your pictures attached, and will also be found on the Buyers Profile page.
Right of withdrawal
You have the opportunity to view the pictures on the website. Once you have received them, they are scattered and cannot be returned. In other words, we have no possibility to return anything other than a copy of the pictures. They are already with you and cannot be made more or less lasting. Although the law regulating this type of purchase, the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005: 39), in principle provides for a right of withdrawal, exceptions are made for goods which for some reason cannot be returned.
If you have received the wrong picture or have other complaints, you must tell the seller within a reasonable time after you have received the picture. The sellers contact information is provided on the recipe and also found on the website https://equisport.photo/contact-us
Equisport.photo is a registered database and have the current needed permission registered with Myndigheten för Press Radio och TV for providing personal details online for use in mapping photos.
Swedish law applies to all purchases of this agreement. If you have any questions regarding the terms of purchase, you are welcome to contact us email: support@equisport.photo